DMG is a German Christian missionary fellowship engaged in helping people and spreading the Gospel of Jesus. We offer many opportunities to Christians of all generations to serve in other countries and cultures. We want to encourage churches and support them in sending their missionaries. Our global network of partners is a blessing, enabling us to serve in nearly every country in the world in an amazing variety of ministries. Our work is funded by donations and the sending churches. Prayer, one of the DMG core values since our foundation in 1951, is vital to every aspect of our work. We take God’s call seriously to serve all the peoples of the world, and we invite you to join us!

DMG employs about 400 missionaries worldwide and is working in over 60 countries. Our home base in South Germany is a workplace for around 50 employees and a home to missionaries when they come to Germany. Our work is based on the mandate Jesus Christ gave his church: To make his Good News known to the world. Therefore, we encourage and support churches in sending out missionaries. The organization chart for the staff at the home base reflects this mission focus:

The work we are doing for and with God is centered on the missionaries who are ambassadors for the Gospel of Christ.


Churches and friends support our missionaries and employees through prayer and donations, thereby actively contributing to God’s worldwide mission. Mission is not a one-way street but happens from everywhere to everywhere. So we help workers from other continents also to find their place in mission projects, for example in Germany.

Our workers are mostly long-term missionaries (2 years and longer). Every year we also send short-term volunteers (1-2 years). They are involved in various projects such as: helping immigrants, social projects, church planting, Bible translation, theological teaching, medical care, youth ministry, street work, educational projects, media services, seamen’s ministry, technical support and many others.


We want to listen to God. When asking him for direction concerning our missionary work, priorities have emerged, which we use as our guidelines:

Hear about Jesus

  • Is the project serving people who have not yet had the opportunity to hear about Jesus?

Strategically meaningful

  • Is the project strategically meaningful? Does it reach many people, does it further discipleship in a special way or is it a new, innovative way of serving God and people?


  • Is the work sustainable? Does it involve the local population?


  • Can the project be multiplied? Are people being empowered to then go on to empower others?


  • Is the project realizable? Are effort, complexity and risks in healthy proportion to the goals of the work?

People in need

  • Does the project reach people in need? Is there an emergency (for example after a disaster) that requires our immediate help?


Unreached Ethnic Groups


Active Missionaries




DMG has always worked with local and worldwide partners. Since the beginning of our service in 1951, we have been maintaining a close relationship with SIM.
2020 the DMG Home base became the official SIM office in Germany.

works with about 4,000 workers in over 70 countries.
Missionaries from Germany who plan to serve with SIM are prepared by DMG, and also supported with membercare and regular prayer.

More about SIM: www.SIM.org


Currently, we are working with more than 100 partner organizations all over the world.
Here are a few of them:

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