DMG does not start its own projects but always seeks cooperation with partners at the place of ministry. We are well connected with international missions, as well as with local church movements or ministries of all sizes.

Currently, we are working with more than 100 partner organizations all over the world, co-workers in God’s global plans. Wherever we serve, our workers are part of intercultural teams. We want to love people, share everyday life and learn from each other.



Most German Churches, while trying to help Immigrants integrate into German society, are themselves still very monocultural. Some however, are trying innovative ways of outreach and church planting and there is unprecedented cooperation between Christians of all denominations. Many need help to understand cultural differences and an international missionary can help with training the teams.


  • to build international churches engage in creative outreach to the many and varied cultures and to all members of society
  • to serve and make links through social projects
  • to make disciples and train them.


This is being done through international cafés, relationship building, women and children’s work, social projects, creative outreach, Bible studies and faith courses and in many other ways.


• Intercultural experience and a willingness to learn the German culture

• A knowledge of German and willingness to learn more (ideally B2) and other languages (e.g. Arabic, Kurdish, English Farsi …)

• A heart for and experience in evangelism and discipleship

• Servant hearts who are learners, hospitable, love people

• Team players, willingness to work in international teams

• Experience in training and teaching co-workers in outreach and discipleship

• A willingness to invest in social projects

If you are interested in any way, please contact us through your mission agency. We are only able to process applications from individuals who are supported spiritually and financially by a mission organization.

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