Serving in our key region: Ruhr area

Stations in the Ruhr area
There is a high need for people to work with refugees and migrants in our key region.

Important facts about the Ruhr area:

The Ruhr area, located in the federal state of Northrhine-Westfalia, is the largest metropolitan area in Germany with a population of 5.1 million inhabitants and annual growth of 43,000 people spread over 53 cities. It has the highest migration density in Germany, from every nation (eg. 26 % Turkish, 18 % Polish) and also the greatest number of students and foreign students in Germany.

Why do we need you to work in this key region?

  • 4.5 million Muslims live in Germany (data from 2015). A third of them live in Northrine-Westfalia.
  • 22 % of the population live from social welfare.

What is waiting for you in the Ruhr area?

  • Very kind, open and accessible people
  • a great infrastructure: good schools and universities, shopping malls, sports clubs
  • many options for leisure activities and green surroundings easily accessible
  • river Ruhr with its beautiful cycle paths throughout the Ruhr area
  • exciting history about coal mines, iron and steel industrialisation
  • Largest inland port in the world

Have a look at the requests for service in the Ruhr area that we have received:

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact us through your mission agency. We are only able to process applications from individuals who are supported spiritually and financially by a mission organization.

Needed: Intercultural church ministry for singles or couple (Oberhausen, Germany)

3) Christus Gemeinde, Oberhausen

Invest in social projects and evangelism

application/pdf More information and job description.
Needed for "Livingroom" in Duisburg

4) Livingroom, EFG Duisburg-Meiderich

Help youth to turn around

application/pdf More information and job description.
Needed for free protestant church in Rheinhausen.

6) Free protestant church, Rheinhausen

“colorful . authentic . unified”

application/pdf More information and job description.
Needed for evangelical free church in Mülheim

7) Baptist Church (EFG) Mülheim / Ruhr

International mission in city centre

application/pdf More information and job description.
Needed: International Church Planters

11) Christusforum, Gelsenkirchen

Multi-culti church in a multi-culti town

application/pdf More information and job description.
Needed: Intercultural church worker

14) Erlöserkirche, Gelsenkirchen

Working in a multicultural neighbourhood

application/pdf More information and job description.


Men, women and couples are welcome to apply for all our placement opportunities

Do not give up! If you have not found a suitable placement or employment, keep looking. Our team often receives new placement requests. Please give us a call under +49-7265-959-0 or email us.