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Hybrid-Seminar: How Business as Mission works

Ort: Online & Buchenauerhof

Learning from an insightful Dutch serial entrepreneur, who travelled the silk road and founded over 30 BAM businesses all over the world


  • Hans Hamoen (Founder of World Partners)


  • Date: Saturday, 26.02.2022
  • Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Participation Fee

50,- per person including lunch and coffee break
(online participation free of charge)


  • What does the hybrid seminar offer?
    • What is BAM and how it is lived out
    • Practical business case studies from all over the globe
    • Intensive Q&A-session for your questions and ideas
    • Practical advice for your specific case

About the speaker

Hans Hamoen (1945) is a Dutch serial entrepreneur and started over 30, mostly BaM/B4T small and medium sized companies.

Hans calls himself Busionary, meaning half businessman and half missionary. In the 1980th he was a professional Bible Smuggler and smuggled with his barter trading company more than one million Bibles into the countries with a plan economy and where Christians were persecuted (Soviet Union, Romania, Ethiopia, Cuba later Yemen, Kuwait etc.)
His life story was published in the book “And nobody knew…”

He is a business owner and an international speaker, coach and advisor and helps people to understand how a holistic company works, in striving for profit optimization under local circumstances and local culture.

Hans Hamoen is founder of World Partners, an organization that starts companies in the developing countries and was founded in 1995. The companies must have a triple bottom line output: Sustainable-, social/humanitarian- and spiritual impact. Hans visited over 125 countries and is specialized in starting-up businesses in emerging markets, mainly Central Asia, Middle East, North, East and West Africa and Indonesia.

Hans is married to Leny and has four grown-up daughters and four grandchildren; he lives in The Netherlands.


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