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Leitung eines Projektes gegen Frauenhandel und Prositituion

Stuttgart, Deutschland // Langzeiteinsatz
  • Dauer: Ab 24 Monate
  • 1 Stelle
  • Sprachen:
    Deutsch, Englisch
  • Beginn: 2022
    • Soziale Dienste


Für ein Partnerwerk suchen wir eine Leitung für einen Projekt gegen Menschenhandel & Prostitution (https://kainos-ev.com/)

The Job Description of the Director of Kainos

The Dirctor responsible for the entire program of Kainos in Germany, including oversight for prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation aspects of the program, the budget preparation and expenditures, and the personnel. The Director will be accountable to the Board of Directors of Kainos and meet with them regularly. The Director will also oversee the branches of Kainos in other places in Germany. The Director will also be involved in fund-raising activities.

A detailed job-description will be shared with applicants in the application process.

The typical activities and responsibilities will include:
∞ Leading a weekly staff meeting
∞ Overseeing the core-team members in their jobs
∞ Overseeing the short-term volunteers
∞ Meeting regularly online or in person with the branch leadership
∞ Being personally involved in teaching or counseling as need and opportunity arise
∞ Preparing the annual budget and presenting it to the Board of Directors.
∞ Meeting regularly with the Treasurer
∞ Meeting regularly with the Board of Directors
∞ Preparing job-descriptions for volunteers and paid workers
∞ Making fund-raising contacts and trips as needed
∞ Communicating with members of Kainos and attending regular meetings
∞ Overseeing the website
∞ Representing Kainos at regular meetings
∞ Fulfilling legal responsibilities and other contractual obligations

Eucational and Training Qualifications:

∞ Bachelor degree (or Diploma) in a related field, such as Social Work, Psychology, Christian Ministry, Nursing. (The field of Advocacy for the Sexually Exploited is a relatively new field academically, and there are many academic pathways that could prepare someone for effective service. Experience and postgraduate study may also prepare someone for service.)
∞ Completed an approved certification level for anti-human trafficking advocacy. (There are many of these to choose from.)
∞ Experience in Life and Service (Desired but not all are required):
∞ Involvement in Christian ministry or social work
∞ Four-year experience with anti-human trafficking or ministry to the sexually exploited.
∞ Experience in leadership position in work and ministry, overseeing personnel and budget.
∞ Experience in raising funds for ministry. ∞ Experience working with people in treatment for alcohol, drug and /or other addictions.
∞ Ten-years of experience in work.

The Qualifications of the Director of Kainos

The people we work with come, literally, from all over the world and speak a variety of languages, so the Director needs to be mature enough to work within a multi-national and a multi-cultural and a multi-lingual situation.

Character qualifications:
As a Christian organization that ministers to the sexually exploited, the director needs to be an emotionally and spiritually mature individual.
The director should have a strong and steady Christian life, with a personal growing faith in Christ, a moral life, and membership and consistent involvement in a Bible-believing church.
The director should be a person with a steady and stable personality that is able to serve in a chaotic situation.
The director should be a seasoned and experienced believer, living a Christ-centered life demonstrated by love for God and love for others. They must have a depth of character and is capable of self-awareness, self-reflection, and humility in working with others. The director should have demonstrated experience and steadfastness in service – this should not be their first job, rather they should have a good record of several years of experience in ministry.
They should have a strong prayer life, and a compassionate heart. They should have the capacity to keep confidences. They must have a vision for God’s leadership in life and ministry and have the gift of mercy and compassion.
They must be able to lead others from a position of humility and a willingness to listen. They must have faith in God and the capacity to build it in others. They must be possessed by a spirit of quiet confidence in God and be patient and understanding with others.

Other Qualifications: ∞ Commitment to the cause of Christian Advocacy for the Sexually Exploited
∞ Leadership skills: has demonstrated the ability to lead others
∞ Team player: has the ability to work with others
∞ Continuing to grow professionally in knowledge and skill
∞ Language ability or willingness to learn: English and German essential, Spanish helpful.
∞ Cultural understanding: knowledge of cultural differences
∞ International experience: exposure and experience working with different cultures.
∞ Networker: can form meaningful connections with other leaders and similar organizations for mutual support


  • Mindestalter: 30 Jahre


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